Stand Tall for Veterans' Benefits

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The Threat to Veterans

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) is failing to fulfill their obligations to care for veterans across the country. Thousands of veterans are dying at the hands of the DVA, not because of doctors or nurses, but the incompetent policies of Regional Offices that implement directives that are meant to deny and limit veterans’ healthcare or other services. Operation Firing For Effect (OFFE) is the only organization actively and aggressively devoted to protecting veteran's disability benefits under all circumstances and we need your help holding the DVA accountable to fulfill their obligation to care for veterans with disabilities.

If action is taken now, veterans' lives can be saved. Make your voice heard at the first ever Veterans’ Walk around the Department Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC July 11th. 2018.

Our Resolution

Forgotten Warriors Project, Operation Firing for Effect, VAL-OR, USA, Veterans News Today, along with other concerned veterans, hereby present the following resolution.

WHEREAS The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has created an adversarial system, ignoring the sacred promise made by a grateful nation, “to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.", Hereby RESOLVE


1. Where veterans waiting for over 10 years on pending claims, shall be awarded a temporary disability rating of not less than 50%, until claims have been thoroughly adjudicated or if necessary apply the Benefit of the Doubt doctrine, pursuant to 38 USC  §  5107(b).

2. Mandate the DVA to convert 100% Individual Unemployability (IU) ratings to Total and Permanent for veterans over the age of 65 years, pursuant to CFR 38 § 3.321.

3. Require DVA to use the Choice Program as a “supplemental health care coverage” for service-connected disabled veterans over 65 who receive Medicare, or Social Security disability benefits, thereby allowing total access to local doctors, or specialists where DVA covers co-pay and deductible.

4. Require the DVA to form a veterans’ Consortium, consisting of all grassroots non-profits veterans’ organization and chartered veterans organizations to participate in quarterly round table symposiums, to ensure open transparency on veterans’ issues and concerns.

Movers: Simon Alvarado, Board President of Forgotten Warriors Project, 501c3
Phone: 979-716-8272

Gene D. Simes, President of Operation Firing For Effect 501c19
Phone: 315-986-7322