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The Syrian people are fighting - to the point of death - for democracy. As Canadian citizens the least we can do is stand in solidarity with them and ensure our government stands firmly against the Al-Assad regime and its atrocious acts against humanity. 



Letter to
Government of Canada
We the undersigned, as concerned Canadian citizens, bring to your attention our collective petition of the Canadian government to speak up for democracy and human rights by actively working with international partners to stop the massacre and mass atrocities against the civilian population of Syria by the Al-Assad government and its associated security forces.

Several thousands have been killed and many more are at risk of losing their lives. It is now clear that the Al-Assad regime will continue to commit intentional crimes against humanity, such as widespread violence, indiscriminate detention of political opposition, widespread torture of not just adults but minors and the intentional and strategic prohibition of food, medicines and other essential services to the civilian population.

We request that the Canadian government use its leverage (as a respected international player) to pressure China and Russia to change their position of support for the Al-Assad regime and work with international partners to force the Syrian regime to allow unrestricted humanitarian aid and observers into conflict ridden areas. Additionally, we request that Canada work with international partners and the UN to stop the regime by all possible means - including force - to end the continuous and widespread genocide of innocent Syrian civilians.

We hope that our petition and the aforementioned requests enable Canada to take a stronger position against the Al-Assad regime and its intentional massacre of its own civilians.

Concerned Canadians of Conscience