Stand Against Uber's Unethical Surge Pricing!!

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Over the past few months especially it has been observed that the so called "surge pricing" has gone over the roof. The normal prices with a little bit of surge was understandable, or in some occasions. But everyday, surge prices, where the rates are 3-4 times more than normal even when there is no traffic, less cars or bad weather (this even should not be an issue) is horrifying to say the least. I am sure I am not the only one and there are 1000s more who rely on Uber for their daily commute and are looking for other means, thanks to its unethical and inconsiderate pricing. I fail to understand how something can go from 100 to 300 in a matter of 5 minutes literally. Please review your "smart" algorithm that has been devised to loot people instead of help them get to one place to another or I don't know where you will be heading.