Petition Update

Russian Teens Tortured by Neo-Nazi Group

Julianne Howell
Loveland, OH

Aug 6, 2013 — Hello everyone. As more and more signatures come pouring in, and we grow ever closer to delivering the petition to the Sochi Olympic sponsors, I wanted to remind everyone why it is so, so important that we take a stand against what is being done in Russia. The petition has been circulating (USA Today, The Enquirer, etc) and people are really starting to take notice. And that's great. But then you see something like this, and you realize it's not enough:

Whether or not this petition is successful, whether or not the Olympic sponsors care anything for what is happening, I urge you to continue this effort beyond! Demand progress! Keep the light on these atrocities, and make sure that everyone in Russia knows that the world is watching. Thank you.

Russian Neo-Nazis Allegedly Torture Gay Teens In 'Anti-Pedophilia' Campaign
Russian Neo-Nazis Allegedly Torture Gay Teens In 'Anti-Pedophilia' Campaign
A well-known group of Russian neo-Nazis has been luring gay teens who respond to personal ads, then beating them, humiliating them, and forcing them to come out on video, reports Spectrum Human Rights Alliance. The skinhead group then proudly posted photos of the assaults on Facebook.