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I have created this petition to put a end to animal cruelty and the slaughtering of animals wherever it may be - in slaughterhouses, dairy farms etc. I am trying to get the NZ parliament to change their laws on how animals are treated in slaughterhouses and dairy farms especially, as animals are treated unethically and with no respect. I want to help people understand that animals are suffering immensely because of our greed for meat and that becoming vegetarian or vegan is not all that bad. Animals are kicked, beaten and abused to the point that they cannot move and it is all because of our selfish desires to gratify their taste buds. How would you feel if you were in their situation? Animals have done nothing to hurt us and yet this is how we treat them. I believe it is utterly disgusting human behavior hence I am genuinely passionate about saving animals from their suffering. I will use every single one of your signatures to make a difference. I will use this petition to support my letter I am writing to the NZ Parliament for them to change their laws on how animals are treated. Please help me make a difference to our animals and our world.