Increase break times in Stamford

Increase break times in Stamford

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Started by Pradyun Guruswamy

Students focusing in class over long periods of time can be out under tremendous pressure just because of the break times they are given. According to Dabell, John schools in Finland get 15 minutes breaks for every 45 minutes of teaching which has shown that students are actually more productive in the next learning session. Therefore the solution which will be implemented not just in the Stamford community but in all schools(Primary, Secondary) around the world will be a student led petition to raise awareness about the lack of break times and ultimately increase break times and students awareness in order to reduce scarcity. 

A petition held in the Stamford community directly targeted towards highschool can help determine the sufficient amount of break times at school. Petitions is a great way for students to participate and advocate their opinion about break times during school. If the vast majority of students agree that there isn’t enough time for breaks the petitions can help show this to the board directors of Stamford about this issue which they can change by increasing our amount of breaks. To determine the correct amount of these breaks the petition which will be sent out to all highschoolers asking should there be an increase in breaks but furthermore how long the breaks should be. The limitations with having a petition directed towards highschoolers is some students already think the breaks we have currently are enough and this may backfire of the purpose of this solution as they don’t need an increase of break time. 

Additionally a personal interview with Tan,Jerry asking if the breaks in Stamford are enough furthermore shows why a petition for many students like Jerry is needed to reduce the scarcity of awareness were students need to advocate. In this interview Jerry has said that Stamford's break time are not enough for him and prefers an extra break in the afternoon as the same amount of time in the morning break. Jerry has also said that this will not only benefit our productivity but it will reduce scarcity in terms of more students getting involved with this petition. The negatives about this interview revolving about break times and how the solution should be a petition that many other students may have reasons why the break times in Stamford are already enough time. Some may also argue how this is only one person’s perspective about scarcity related to breaks in school.

Lastly petitions provide a great platform where students advocating for the same reasons can come together and overall create a bigger stand in letting the Stamford community realize how students are being affected by the breaks negatively if they are not enough. Once the petition is done it will be sent to the administrative board of Stamford who makes these certain decisions of how the school is run and thus the petition will be able to show that the number of students needing a change will be able to get the full potential of the petition.

In conclusion, a petition to highschoolers in Stamford to show the relevance of raising awareness of the negative influence short break times gives hence to reduce scarcity a petition provides an excellent product to advocate this issue.

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!