Stamford, CT Parks Ambassadors - Vote NO!

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Stamford, CT  Parks Ambassadors -  Vote NO!
In his 2018-19 Budget proposal, Mayor Martin, has submitted a request for $300,000 to fund a Parks security force that we have been told, by his Chief of Staff, will be Park Ambassadors. There is no additional funding requested for Parks Police. At a recent public hearing of the Board of Representatives Parks & Recreation Committee, many residents spoke of the need for Parks Police and expressed serious concerns about safety and general adherence to rules & regulations in our Parks if Parks Ambassadors are hired.
On May 1, The Stamford Board of Representatives will be voting on the Budget.

Just in...YouTube video, Stamford Parks Police, This is the Difference 

Officer Peter Gould illustrates the differences between Parks Police Officers and Ambassadors. This is why we are advocating that our tax dollars be spent on Parks Police rather than Ambassadors. Please take a moment to view this video and share with others.
(If it doesn’t load go to YouTube and search Stamford Park Police Presentation.)

THE VOTE IS TUESDAY. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE AND ASK THEM TO VOTE “NO”. The actual budget line is “Purchased Property Services” for $300,000.

Representative contact information:

Some facts to consider:

·  The City’s #1 Priority is Public Safety
·  Stamford has 65 Parks; 25 are considered active; 5 highly active
·  1980 - 30 Parks Police for a population of 102,459
·  Today, 2 Parks Police for a population of 130,500
-       Over that period, population grew by 27%; Parks Police shrank by 93%
-       Increased population leads to a need for increased enforcement not
               reduction in force
·  Ambassadors were tried in the late ‘90s, good helpers, ignored by those                
creating more serious problems. Consequently, program was not continued.
Mayor Martin has provided limited details about the Ambassador program:
·  4-6 Ambassadors would be hired, seasonal employment
·  No authority to issue citations, detain or arrest if needed
Conversely, our Parks Police
·  Currently 2 officers; year-round, permanent part-time employment 
·  Same authority as Stamford Police
·  Educate park goers about Park Rules & Regulations
·  Issue Citations
·  Detain
·  Arrest
·  Armed
In our Parks today, we experience loud music, littering, use of glass bottles, lifeguards being ignored and resigning, drunkenness, bullying, speeding, indecent exposure, homeless encampments, and more violent crime such as drug dealing, rape and homicide.
There is no doubt with both approaches to enforcement that Parks Police are the foundation without which public safety is no longer a #1 priority.
We are asking for Public Safety to be a #1 priority in our Parks as it is on the streets of Stamford. This is not the time for “feel good” ambassadors. 

Please add your name to this petition and leave a comment asking our Board of Representatives to Vote NO on Parks Ambassadors.

Help us create safe and inviting Parks for all.