Save Oxford's number 16 bus route

Save Oxford's number 16 bus route

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Stagecoach Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire County Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Caroline Raine

It has been announced that from 2.1.22 the number 16 bus route between Oxford City Centre and Minchery Farm will be withdrawn. 

This petition calls on Stagecoach and Oxfordshire County Council to urgently review this decision because of the impact on local communities.

Withdrawing the service will:

1. Isolate people on the route: proposed alternatives will no longer enable people to travel direct from Minchery Farm to the City Centre via Florence Park, Donnington Bridge Road and Abingdon Road.

2. Contradict the aim of the recently created Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Church Cowley and Florence Park to reduce car travel

3. Make it impossible for residents of Litttlemore and Cowley to continue to travel direct to Hinksey Park to use the swimming pool and other facilities in that area

4. Make it impossible for residents of Grandpont and Hinksey to travel direct to Templars Square for affordable shopping and leisure, which will affect businesses as well as bus users. 

5. Fail to meet the needs of residents of new and planned housing developments in Littlemore for more not less public transport

6. Prevent residents of Cowley and Littlemore continuing to link with bus stops in Abingdon Road/St Aldates south towards Abingdon and Didcot and north via the 300 route. 

7. Prevent many vulnerable people from areas like Littlemore with no medical practice from getting to Donnington health centre

While some new or amended services will cover part of the route they will not enable the same through travel. And currently they do not operate all day or at weekends.

We therefore call on Oxfordshire County Council to undertake urgent talks with Stagecoach Oxfordshire to ensure the maintenance of this route.

1,477 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!