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Help the homeless to travel to their families

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So many homeless people are lonely, cold, tired, weak and anxious. Most are outside and penny less, away from families and friends that may be able to help them have a place to eat or sleep, help them get jobs and earn for themselves.

But they don't have the money to travel or most likely won't be allowed on buses because of appearance, smell or homelessness.

I petition that buses make one of two choices for those that are homeless:

1. Allow a fare of £1 or cheaper for those that are homeless. To allow them to travel easier for jobs, family, friends, special events, homeless shelters. Or

2. Have a bus made ONLY for the homeless to travel on which is either of the same fare or free. I understand that some bus companies may not wish to have homeless on their buses so with this bus, there would be little worry.

If this, for whatever reason, can not be the case, i believe that UK homeless charities should instead see if they can either individually or together make a small bus service for homeless to travel to homeless shelters or to different areas around the UK.

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