“We want the 72 & 127 bus services re-instated”.

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This petition has been started after the withdrawal of the 72 & 127 in East Folkestone, Kent.

By withdrawing these services Stagecoach buses have caused serious hardship, misery and Isolation to the elderly in this area. School children have to leave earlier and arrive home later  from school.  Due to reduced service and withdrawal of buses to schools, GP’s, hospitals, sports centre, visit relatives and events people are suffering hardship. 

The service introduced (91) to cover the buses withdrawn comes from Dover, often full and late constantly. They are full coming from Folkestone Bus Station leaving the elderly and disabled with standing room only. The new route  does not cover the two previous routes leaving families having to now get two buses, if possible. The time tables went from half hourly to hourly.  It takes over two hours to travel one way to William Harvey Hospital. Buses don’t arrive due to break down leaving a two hour wait. Folkestone East is very hilly leaving the elderly and disabled unable to continue their journey by bus. Pensioners and families are having to get taxis to complete their journeys leaving them out of pocket. 

Please sign this petition if you live on the previous 72 & 127 bus routes.

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