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Staffordshire County Regiment Yes We Are Worth Saving

Staffords - Now 3 Mercian Regiment has along a proud history, spanning hundreds of years from its first formation as Colonel 'luke Lillingston's Regt in 1705 to present day, covering both world war I and II at the Somme and in WWW II the South Staffordshire Regiment flew Horsa gliders into Arnhem. Since WW II the regiment has seen action in many many conflicts worldwide. including the more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The soldiers often get on with their job in often difficult and often dangerous situations in far off countries, protecting our interests at home and security as British citizens sleep sound at night in their beds.
The soldiers are there ready to go anywhere at a moments notice and if need be pay for our security by laying down thumper lives if necessary. They fight for those who can not fight for themselves, the elderly, the sick and the very young or the unarmed who cant protect themselves. They fight for our Queen , Our Country and our Flag (The Union Jack) and above all else they fight for each other !! The future of 3 Mercian might be under threat, and lead ultimately to it's disbandment, which will wipe a Regiments fine and distinguished 'living' history to the pages of time.
We say that 3 Mercian regiment has earn t the right to remain a regiment time and time & time again and have protected us as we sleep saved countless lives in countless war torn countries. standing firm and holding the line or placing themselves in harms way, between warring factions such as in N Ireland or kosovo
They have stood ready to protect us, so if and when the time comes, will YOU NOW speak out to protect them and help save this fine Regiment from being disbanded.
Keep calm and Carry on ! Is not the slogan that will save this Regiment if it' is decided to be scrapped. Al we ask is IF !! The time comes, speak up and support our Regiment -3 Mercian because this time they need our help and you can help protect them for a change instead of them protecting us !!

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