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Implement reduced speed around the bowling green roundabout, lichfield, Staffordshire

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On the friary, just between the Lichfield library and the bowling green roundabout, the speeding of road vehicles has become an issue. As I type this I have a motorbike screaming past my house. Revving as he or she goes. These guys practice around my house for hours sometimes at around 2 am. 

The taxi companies also speed down here. Coming off and on to the roundabout at least at 50 mph if that is even the minimum they are doing.

The other day my cat was found, he has been hit by a vehicle and killed between the roundabout and the clock tower. My family are absolutely devastated and I think it's time to do something about the speed awareness down my road. a lot people are going to read this and laugh because hey, it's just a cat. However..

I have lived here my whole life, and I have been to the bowling green pub a few times and seen children all week long crossing over to the clock tower to get to school. Which is not an easy crossing to make for a young child. People have to actually run for their lives just to get across to the pub and back. 

Now consider the next accident not being a cat, consider your sister or your brother, your daughter or son coming off that roundabout having had a drink or not being quick enough. Motorbike or car come speeding round and smacks into them. You will be much more heartbroken than I am over my beloved pet. 

It's time to address the speed around the roundabout as well as a possible system for crossings such as a subway crossing over to the main road into town and a reduced speed around the roundabout and on all exits. Please sign this petition and help me to raise awareness and bring higher road safety around this area. 

Thank you


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