Citizens Against Redistricting Hartwood Elementary

Citizens Against Redistricting Hartwood Elementary

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Stafford County School Board

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Started by Danielle Gilason

The Stafford County School Board is looking to redistrict a portion of students currently attending Hartwood Elementary to Margaret Brent.

Scenario B1 includes housing developments Hampshire Forest, Cypress Estates, Stefaniga, Sale Heights, portion of the Reserve at Poplar Crossing, Crestwood, The Willows, Woodview, Lerose MHP, Meadows at Liberty Hall, Liberty Hall, Truslow Ridge, Wallace Farms, a portion of Butterfield, portion of England Run North (Bergen Way & Gabriels Lane) and Peacock Station.

Margaret Brent is three times the distance away.  The bus ride for most students now is an hour.  I can't imagine the ride if they were forced to change schools.  They would literally be passing students waiting to go to Hartwood on the drive to Margaret Brent.

They state next year with boundary change, projections suggest Hartwood (91%) and Brent (98%) utilized. Three years, after boundary change Hartwood (99%), and Brent (101%, -10 seat deficit) are slated to be at capacity. • Five years after boundary change (Fall 2026) Hartwood slated to be at capacity (104%, -21 seat deficit), Brent overcapacity (109%, -78 seat deficit ) and could be relieved by Rockhill (81%) that’s slated to have +157 open seats.

Please support us in letting the Board know this is not the right decision.  


35 have signed. Let’s get to 50!