Improve Truslow Road for the safety for residents and travelers

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We the undersigned are petitioning Stafford County, VA for improvements to Truslow Road between Berea Church Road and Poplar Road that will ensure the safety of residents and travelers. Accidents continue to occur due to blind curves and excessive speed. Residents on Truslow Road put safety at risk when leaving their driveways. Stop signs and mail boxes continue to need replacement due to vehicles knocking them down. Residential lawns required to be maintained force residents to work up to the edge of the road, but vehicles continue to run off the road into lawns due to excessive speed and lack of shoulder. Traffic volume continues to increase as vehicle navigation systems route through-traffic onto Truslow Road. Tractor trailers, delivery trucks, and logging trucks utilize Truslow Road as a bypass to Warrenton Road because it has one stop sign between Route 1 and Popular Road. New residential developments are approved and proposed, including cluster developments and re-zoning, which will significantly increase local traffic. Stafford County has identified property along Truslow Road as a targeted growth area for Suburban development with no plans to improve, widen, or straighten Truslow Road.

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