Texas Coalition For Animal Protection (TCAP) PLEASE Stop Declawing!

Texas Coalition For Animal Protection (TCAP) PLEASE Stop Declawing!

November 12, 2017
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Founder and Executive Director of Texas Coalition for Animal Protection Stacey Shumacher
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Started by City the Kitty



Dear Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP),

We, the undersigned, ask you (TCAP) to no longer perform low-cost declawing in your clinics. Please protect all animals and speak out against declawing.

Please protect the health and well-being of cats and stop performing this inhumane, mutilating, and very unnecessary procedure.

This is what you say in your About section on your website, "The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection is a recognized nonprofit, 501c3 organization that provides compassionate solutions to pet overpopulation and community animal welfare. TCAP accomplishes this goal by making affordable, high quality preventative services available to Texas pet owners."

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone and claw. It is performed routinely in TCAP clinics despite it having absolutely no benefit to the cat and despite it being bad for the welfare of ALL cats.

Cats deserve better. Declawing is NOT a "compassionate solution."  Please provide brochures and information about the humane alternatives like nail trims, sturdy scratchers, and Soft Paws. Please educate cat owners in Texas about the awful truth about declawing so they stop asking for this barbaric and harmful procedure for their beloved cats.

It's time for you to be strong and be a true leader in animal welfare and protection. We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

Here is more about TCAP and declawing. http://www.citythekitty.com/texas-coalition-for-animal-protection-stop-declawing-cats/

 Here's their page about post operative care with a "funny" video about their declaws. Dr TCAP says in this Texas Coalition for Animal Protection video with a woman dressed up like a cat, “If your kitty has had a declaw procedure her paws will be sensitive.  It’s really important to keep your kitty in a small space until her paws have completely healed. We recommend using Yesterdays’ News in her litter box. “ http://www.texasforthem.org/post-operative-care/  (They removed #13 which was about declaw aftercare instructions)

For more information about declawing go to the www.PawProject.org and www.CitytheKitty.com


Please follow City the Kitty on facebook, Instagram (@citythekitty), and Twitter (@City_the_Kitty) for updates about this campaign and more.

Also please go to the PawProject.org to read about the facts about declawing and their crusade to end declawing. They are also on facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


This petition made change with 2,708 supporters!

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