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Get my daughter into the same school as my son

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My eldest son(6) passed away on 5/10/14 with cancer, my other son now goes to his brothers old school, my daughter has been refused as I'm out with the catchment area. All I want is for both my children to attend their big brothers school where his legacy lies. He has a memorial bench there too.

My middle child is in p4 & has had counselling with help by the school & he attends nurturing classes in the school. I want my daughter to have these options too. My son tells me how the teachers talk about his big brother & this helps him as they knew his brother personally. My daughter has the right to attend school with her brothe, they are currently at 2 different schools & its very upsetting for them both,especially my daughter, she can't understand why she can't go to her brothers school.  I'm late every day picking her up because I can't be in 2 schools at one time, I'm half an hour late, and she goes in half an hour late, this is a full hour each day, it will affect her education in the long run & she asked me why I can't be at school when everyone else's mum is there ... 

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