STA Petiton Letter

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The female students of STA do not disagree with the enforcement of the school uniform policy. The policy is consistent across all archdiocese schools “skirt must be no higher than 4 inches above the knee when kneeling.”

We do disagree, with every fiber of our being and supported by “Rape Victim Advocates , that the male students and faculty should be excused for boorish behavior, “boys are naturally curious looking creatures” because of the dress of the female students or that reminder of school policy be directed only to female students.

In the spirit of fairness we expect that the faculty will address to the boys that the uniform policy is to be enforced consistently regardless of gender; that Aquinas does not in any way excuse less than gentlemanly behavior based on external factors; and that the female faculty not imply -- based on exaggerated fashion or behavior in their presentation-- that skirt length implies immoral behavior.


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