St. Thomas Outdoor ice rink.

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I am making this group to see if the community is interested in a Community Outdoor Ice rink(s) in the Future 2020 similiar to the one in london. Since we have a super Park off Burwell Coming soon. That is being built at a cost over $10million.

I know in some comunities They have rinks all over the place that are kept up by CIty/works and Volunteers.

I know if we want a rink similar toVictora park in london we will have to fundraise or get sponsers or city help.

We could also do mutliple rinks around the city or in a park(s) some rinks designated for pick up hockey and free skate etc.

This group is just to get the IDEA out there and interest and Brainstorm how we can make this happen 2020,
Thanks For Your Time.

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