Protect St. Tammany's Waterways and Neighborhoods: Oppose ordinance 2017-845-ZC

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Residential and commercial don’t mix. The St. Tammany “Three Tiered Event Zoning Ordinance” threatens to destroy the character of our beloved neighborhoods - by promoting commercialization along our scenic waterways, permitting rezoning that is not congruent with the Parish’s master plan, and turning neighborhoods into a soulless venue for tourism.

Neighbors for a Livable Northshore is a citizen-driven initiative working to keep commercial interests from taking root in residentially zoned neighborhoods throughout St. Tammany. This summer, the St. Tammany Parish Council will vote on the “Three Tiered Event Zoning Ordinance”. If the ordinance is approved, the parish will ease restrictions on rezoning residential property for commercial use. The ordinance will also allow rezoned properties to host indoor and outdoor events for 150 to 500+ attendees in residential neighborhoods, 360 days out of the year with minimal over site from code enforcement agents.

Call your council member today in opposition to the “Three Tiered Events Ordinance” (Ordinance 2017-845-ZC). Residential and commercial simply don’t mix.

District 1, Marty Dean, (985) 789-7444
District 2, David R. Fitzgerald, (985) 264-5557
District 3, James A. Thompson, (985) 796-0038
District 4, Michael Lorino, Jr., (985) 273-9444
District 5, Rykert O. Toledano, Jr., (985) 893-9962 ext. 300
District 6, Richard E. Tanner, (985) 373-8508
District 7, Jacob B. Groby, III, (985) 503-0017
District 8, Chris Canulette, (985) 290-6751
District 9, E.L. Bellisario, (985) 641-2268
District 10, Maureen "MO" O'Brien, (985) 807-3778
District 11, Steve Stefancik, (985) 649-4580
District 12, Jerry Binder, (985) 641-7064
District 13, S. Michele Blanchard, (985) 605-5013
District 14, Thomas J. "T.J." Smith, (985) 285-0447