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You have the freedom to be a VegetarYUM!

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     Humans are used to consuming meat such as pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. To add to that, it is a necessity for humans to consume these foods for they are known to have a right amount of nutrients needed for the body which could be essential for the growth and maintenance of life. These nutrients include proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats. For this reason, it can't be avoided to harm some of the animals in our surroundings. However, there is an alternative way for the individuals to be able to gain the vital nutrients without sacrificing the lives of these animals.

     Did you know that excessive meat consumption could lead to diabetes type two? Based on the study published by Archives of Internal Medicine, immoderate meat intake, specifically red and processed meats, could lead to a risk of having diabetes type two as this can induce visceral fats and fat accumulation between muscle and liver cells. This may then cause the refusal of the acceptance of insulin. Not only that, according to the study of Barnard N. et al. (2014), meat eaters have the tendency to gain more weight than the individuals who practice meatless diet.

     From this information, one could say that excessive meat intake greatly affects the different systems in the body. Not only that it has a negative upshot on the endocrine system, it also has an effect on the Cardiovascular system and Muscular system. The heart could be influenced as intolerable red meat intake could lead to arteriosclerosis or the accumulation if fats entering the body which blocks the pathways of the blood in the bloodstream. As we know, meat is a high source of protein which are the building blocks of muscles; however, too much protein may fuel to Weight Gain, Yeast Overgrowth, and Cancer. It is essential to eat meat for it provides an individual the needed nutrients to the body, but too much is not good for the health.

     Although too much meat may pose major health risk factors, they still contain nutrients that are essential for a well-balanced and healthy diet. It is only then reasonable for one to add a significant or a larger amount of a healthier alternative to supplement the same nutrients that one may also get from meat as this can help balance out the negative effects of excessive meat consumption. One of these possible alternatives are vegetables such as potato, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and the like. These vegetables are rich in nutrients similar as to meats; however, these vegetables have no cholesterol, may protect an individual from certain types of cancer, and it may lower the risk of having heart diseases, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes type two. Furthermore, it keeps the eyes and skin healthy, lessens the chance of the development of kidney stones, and decreases bone loss.

     It is now well known that excessive meat consumption is detrimental and that vegetables are able to give positive implications on one’s health. Cutting back to 3 servings of meat may then be of help as this is the ideal and healthy amount of meat intake per week. In being a Vegetarian, an individual must eat pure vegetables, milk, and cheese. However, being a VegetarYUM is not your typical vegetarian. It requires an individual to eat only three servings of meat in a week, which is the ideal meat intake, and eat vegetables, milk, and cheese for the other remaining meals. This could be beneficial for the betterment of human health since it could be able to equally attain the needed nutrients in the body, make one look fresh, and prevent from diseases. Nonetheless, it could be helpful for the body systems to function properly. This is not only for the convenience of your body; but also, you could help the animals who are needy.

     Seen in the pictures above are some of the vegetarian dishes from Vegan Miam such as Spicy Dan Dan Noodles Bowl with charred broccoli salad, pickled tofu, and peanuts. Also, French Dip with grilled mushrooms, bean sprouts, jalapeno, Thai basil, and mushroom. And to add is the Togarashi Fries with gochujang mayo, scallion, and cilantro. Don’t they look delicious? Don't they look healthy?

If you consider this advocacy, you could save the lives of many. So be a VegetarYUM, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret em’!



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