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St. Pius X has a Right to Choose

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The TCDSB has proposed boundary changes for our students as to where they can go to High School.  This will impact both the current community of St. Pius X and the future of the school community. We should have the right to choose where our children go to High School and not be subject to a decision by the TCDSB without adequate consultation or communication.

Please look at the list of proposed boundary changes (from the TCDSB) located in the Resources link below:

 How will these changes impact you?

The High Schools your children will be able to apply to change to:

Co-Ed Secondary School - Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton

Single Gender (Male) Secondary - Chaminade College

Single Gender (Female) Secondary - Loretto College

French Immersion Secondary - Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton

Extended French Secondary – Bishop Allen

Congregated Advanced Placement Secondary (Co-ed) – Bishop Allen

Regional Arts Program Secondary – Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton

STEM, MST, MSE, Secondary Gender (Male) – Chaminade College

STEM, MST, MSE, Secondary Gender (Female) - Loretto College

International Baccalaureate Secondary – St. Mary Catholic Academy

Other Impacts:

Our children are no longer able to apply to Bishop Allen (unless they qualify for Advanced Placement or Extended French) or to Father Redmond as they have to date.

Your option becomes Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton; unless your child qualifies for Advanced Placement or Extended French and can go to Bishop Allen, or you place them in a single gender school, both options are located further away.

The planned changes may disrupt your child’s friendships, social networks and our school community, as all of a class may not end up at the same school.

The proposed High School selection options may not meet your expectations.

Many of you have made the choice and investment to live in the current catchements because of the reputation and quality of the current school options. The proposed changes devalue those choices and investment.

If our community can no longer send our children to a high school we are happy with, we will see a decline in registration at St. Pius X.  Parents will reconsider other schooling options, such as Public and Private and lower enrollment will follow. This will negatively impact all we have built at St. Pius.

What can You Do?

1.     Take a stand against these proposed changes and sign this petition.

2.     Complete the TCDSB survey. We know the survey is very general and does not properly speak to our community, but you can indicate your disagreement in your specific concerns for your kids in the comment sections.

3.     Voice your concerns to your TCDSB representatives by emailing and/or phoning them:


Barbara Poplawski

Ward 10 Trustee (Toronto)

Phone: 416-512-3410

Phone: 416-222-8282 Ext.2660


Ann Andrachuk

Ward 2 Trustee (Etobicoke)

Phone: 416-512-3402


Angela Kennedy

Board Chair 



Angela Gauthier

Director of Education

416-222-8282 x 2296


Rory McGuckin 

Associate Director of Academic Affairs

416-222-8282 x. 2294


 This petition will be presented to the TCDSB on May 18, 2017.




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