X Get St. Pius Students Back on Campus X

X Get St. Pius Students Back on Campus X

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Families for St. Pius X started this petition to St. Pius Families

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as a person who is paying tuition for a student attending St. Pius X High School. If you agree with the statements below please sign this petition in support of our children!

St. Pius high school is deeply rooted in our community and the ONLY Catholic high school in our city. We, the STAKEHOLDERS of St. Pius school are wanting our students back in school, on campus as soon as possible.

-The Governor has permitted private schools to operate at 25% capacity of any individual enclosed space.

-St. Pius has ample classrooms and several large facilities on campus to allow for safe in-person instruction with adequate spacing in compliance with the Governor's  order.

-In addition, there are numerous other facilities, near the school and around the city that can be used for expanded in-person instruction, for example St. Josephs on the Rio Grande's new Nazerene center.

-Outdoor spaces may also be utilized for instruction purposes so long as COVID-19 safe practices are followed, to include wearing masks and social distancing.

-St. Pius has several large outdoor spaces where in-person instruction can occur and when the weather starts to get colder tents and propane heaters can be utilized just like many other businesses in Albuquerque have done.

-As of the most recent parent survey approximately 30% of students do not want to return for in-person instruction, drastically limiting the number of people who would actually be on campus.

-While these ideas may come at a cost, St. Pius was the recent recipient of a PPP loan to keep the school operational and innovation is what is required to get our students back to the quality education that we have been promsed.

-St. Pius families who pay tuition are direct stakeholders in St. Pius X High School.

-The recent accreditation of St. Pius REQUIRES transparency with the stakeholders and we need more consistent communication from the administration.

-The stakeholders have signed a contract with St. Pius school to provide a "Catholic college preparatory education," which our students have not been receiving during the pandemic.

-While we, the stakeholders, want to keep everyone safe, we also want to get our students back to in-person instruction, either full-time or in an online and substantive in-person hybrid model that is not just one day a week.

-Many families have the ability and have expressed a strong desire to assist St. Pius' administration, teachers and staff in achieving our goals by proctoring classes for teachers who are in the high risk category for COVID-19, cleaning and sanitizing the school after instruction, supervising students to ensure COVID-19 safe practices are being followed, or in any other capacities that may be necessary.

-We, the stakeholders respectfully request a response from the administration by October 8, 2020 with a concrete plan to get out children back to in-person instruction because time is of the essence for our kids who have been receiving limited and average instruction for the past six months. 

-The administration has agreed to give the teachers two weeks notice prior to beginning in-person instruction, which further delays our students from receiving the quality education that we are paying for and expect.

-The stakeholders will be meeting soon after October 8th to discuss if further action is required.

-We desperately want to save our St. Pius community but we cannot keep paying for a subpar education. We do not want to stop paying tuition or move our students to other schools and we are willing to help, please tell us how we can.

Saint Pius X PRAY FOR US!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!