Eliminate single use plastic in sushi packaging

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My name is Ede and I’m 15 years old. I’m passionate about environmental issues and am involved in many sustainability initiatives. Check out what I’m doing on Instagram @plasticfree.edeee. Please help me get St Pierre’s to rethink their packaging by signing and sharing this petition. Thank you for your support. 

Through this petition we endeavour to force large businesses in the sushi industry, such as St Pierre’s sushi, to think about the impact of the thousands of single use plastic containers they use every day. Although they are offering a discount for those who bring in their own containers which is a great start, the reality is that there are plenty of other alternatives that have already been put in place by other sushi shops, such as cardboard boxes. 

As such a large chain of sushi shops, St Pierre’s has a massive impact that they need to take responsibility for. Their actions and the way they sell their goods need to be revised in light of the huge plastic pollution problem that is going on in the world today. With some changes they can continue to make their delicious sushi without having the guilt of the impacts of their plastic packaging weighing them down. 

By signing this petition you are letting St Pierre’s know that they need to change the way they are packaging their sushi for the benefit of our environment. Now is a time of change and we need to stand up and let them know they need to be a part of that change. The small amount of time you take out of your day to sign this petition could have a huge impact on the amount of waste that is thrown out into our environment. Thank you.