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Petitioning St Pete Police Bill Foster

St Petersburg Police Department: Terminate four officers for improperly accessing personal information


Four police officers were reprimanded this week for improperly accessing the personal information of a former colleague who transitioned from a woman to a man. This is a blatant disregard for personal privacy, an abuse of power, violation of trust and discrimination toward transgender persons.

Letter to
St Pete Police Bill Foster
The transgender community and community at large are calling for the termination of Officers Douglas Gaddis, 35, James Olson, 45, Courtney Zak, 33, and Robert Leoce, 38 following their blatant disregard for personal privacy. The actions of these officers are reprehensible. They took advantage of their access to information to ridicule and demean another human being, regardless of identity.
While we appreciate and acknowledge our communities' officers as those who serve and protect, these officers have violated that trust for all of St. Petersburg's residents.