Save School Resource Officer's Job

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Thank you so much for the overwhelming response we've had to keep Officer Winsell working as an SRO in St Peter MN school District.
As of today there's close to 2,000 signatures along with many heartfelt comments on the positive impact Officer Winsell has had in your lives. This is a good indicator that the School Resource Officer Program is successful and Officer Winsell is the right man for the job.
The Superintendent of St Peter school District sent out an email saying "Because they value open, honest communication and our input, they've decided to "temporarily " put a hold on reducing the positions of SRO's. He said they will be gathering more information and feedback from the community.
This is a positive step in the right direction but it is a temporary step. The school wants our input and feedback. This petition is one of several ways we can do that. Other ways to get involved and give your input could be a phone call, an email, write a letter, continue to share this petition or go to the public school board meeting on the 17th of this month.
We're very fortunate to have two officers in our schools that really care about our children. We need to do our best to give our children the best.

wendy fischer
4 months ago