Bring Back St Paul's Yearbook

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St Paul’s Secondary School announced this year that there would be no 2019-2020 yearbook. This was very heartbreaking for many members of the school community. How else are students supposed to look back on their years spent at this school and see what used to be? For graduates there will be no senior quotes, no nickname, no favourite saying, no future career, no looking back and reading the signatures and messages left by friends. Students who just started attending SPCSS won’t have any physical memory of all of their ‘firsts’ at our school.20 years from now how will they show their kids their high school experience, how people use to look, dress and act? It’s important to have physical evidence of our existence and experiences at St Paul’s for people to look back on. We hope that the SPCSS administration will reconsider stopping the production of school yearbooks in light of the support from many members of our student body and school community.