St. Paul Police Chief Henry: Enforce fireworks laws in St. Paul

St. Paul Police Chief Henry: Enforce fireworks laws in St. Paul

July 7, 2022
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Started by Caroline Daykin

Dear St. Paul Police Chief Axel Henry,

As St. Paul citizens, we ask you to support veterans, children, people with medical conditions, and pet owners by actively enforcing Minnesota fireworks laws.

Many residents have the perception that fireworks laws aren't enforced in St. Paul, and the numbers back us up. In 2020, the city received 2,050 fireworks complaints, but only two citations were issued. Likewise, by September 2021 the city had received 1,090 complaints, but had only issued a single citation.

Because illegal fireworks are set off all summer in St. Paul, our quality of life is significantly affected.

According to the VA, fireworks can trigger "intense anxiety and fear" for veterans with PTSD. Veterans make up 4.3% of the St. Paul population.

Another group that is affected is children on the autism spectrum. Dayton's Bluff resident Bethany's son is on the autism spectrum and has sensory processing issues. The sound of fireworks causes him to become inconsolably angry and agitated, which is difficult for both Bethany and her son.

Fireworks also have a negative impact on St. Paul residents with medical conditions. For Kris, fireworks make her chronic insomnia more difficult to manage. Falling asleep doesn't come easily for her, so it is particularly frustrating when she falls asleep only to be startled awake by fireworks. Bethany from Dayton's Bluff has also had trouble resting due to fireworks, which has impacted her recovery after her recent ankle surgery.

Of course, lack of sleep isn't a problem only for those with medical conditions. St. Paul resident Christine has had her sleep disrupted by fireworks, which impacts her ability to function at work.

After fireworks are set off, the task of cleaning up the resulting debris often falls to neighbors. This has been the experience of Dayton's Bluff resident Catherine, who has found fireworks debris in her yard.

Fireworks are also a challenge for St. Paul pets and their humans. Watching fireworks terrify her pet is heartbreaking for Kris from Dayton's Bluff. West Side resident Abby has had a similar experience with her dog, who shakes no matter what Abby does to try and calm her down. Bethany from Dayton's Bluff has a rescue dog who is so scared by fireworks that she desperately looks for a place to hide and shakes for hours. Bethany has noticed personality changes in her dog, who is now constantly fearful.

While we feel that more serious crime should be prioritized over fireworks enforcement, we also are of the opinion that more must be done to prevent illegal fireworks from interfering with our quality of life.

We look forward to your response.








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Signatures: 531Next Goal: 1,000
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