Lakeside St Neots Appointment System

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We need your help to make sure that every body including yourself can get the medicinal care that everyone will require at some point in their lives and due to the difficulty that people have booking an appointment with st. Neots Lakeside surgeries, whether it be an emergency or a routine, many people go without Primary Healthcare and later on will require hospital treatment.

There is a constant fight in the morning for everyone, being held on the phone for almost an hour at a time and if your phone does not disconnect by that point, you'll find that when you do get an answer all the available appointments have been booked. On top of that walking into the surgery to wait in a huge line is also a major inconvenience and not everybody has the time to do so due to other commitments.

This petition is being drawn up so that appointments are released throughout the entire day so that those who are unavailable in the morning can still have an opportunity to make an appointment that could be vital to their health.

And for most of those who work, especially for a company only have 15 minute breaks where they find themselves unavailable to book an appointment in such a short time frame.

Please sign this petition so that you and all of st neots can be as healthy as possible and help relieve pressure off the emergency services that we all could rely upon.

Thank you.