St. Mary Parish Schools Should Keep Block Scheduling!

St. Mary Parish Schools Should Keep Block Scheduling!

March 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jaiden Partain

The world is changing. In my local school, we are currently having "Block Scheduling". This is where we have only 4 periods in about 18 weeks. This is AMAZING to have because according to all the interviews I have taken, this is the first-year students are INCLINED to do their homework. This is also allowing the students to be more focused in classes because they are not overworked by focussing on seven subjects at a time. Seven subjects are a lot for teens to learn for 10 months, along with that students will get bored of doing the same thing every day. Even teachers find this more effective because it gives them more instructional time! But why do I bring this up? St. Mary Parish Schools next year are reverting to seven classes per year. This is HORRIBLE for students, teachers, and parents. This needs to be stopped before it is too late.

Here are a few reasons why we need to keep block scheduling. 

  • Keeps students focused
  • Keeps students interested in the topic 
  • Gives teachers more instructional time
  • Students retain information for longer (Scientific Research)
  •  Students have more time for reflection and less information to process over the course of a school day
  • Quality Time: Teachers can build closer bonds with students and promote them more for good behavior.
  • Less Homework that overworks the students.
  • Individualized learning: Gives teachers the time to adapt their teaching to the class
  • Longer planning period: more time for teachers to plan and adapt.
  • Improved Mental health
  • Fewer books to carry and loose
  • More time for student expression: extra activities at school like sports, choir, ROTC, band, cheer, dance, ext.
  • More subjects learned 

With all this consider there are some cons to block scheduling. An example of this is that students could score lower on science subjects, but this is not true. A personal experience of mine is this last semester in my biology class. In all my years of LEAP testing, I only made a "Basic", which is equivalent to a C. Because of Block scheduling I made a "Mastery" (a B) only points away from an "Advanced" (an A). I am not the only one either. Almost my entire biology class made better grades than before we had block scheduling. Along with that, some may say it is too fast, but that is why you extend the classes to about 90 minutes. The amount of information we learn in one class on a 7-period schedule is the same on a 4-period schedule, but teachers can teach in several different ways to allow each student to have an equal opportunity to comprehend the lesson.

HOW TO HELP!: We need as many people to sign this as possible so next year the schools do not bring back the old and ineffective 7 block scheduling. We at most need 4,000 signatures but 2,000 is our current goal! Please spread this to everyone you know and let our voices be heard.

We need your help to save the students across St. Mary Parish! To give voice to the student and teachers about Block scheduling, here are a few things people have said:

A Sophomore: "I think blocked scheduling is good and stuff. It helps the people out and makes them get work done more efficiently. You don't have the same classes the whole year so you don't get burnt out. It's perfect. I support this."

A Sophomore: "As a student, I think block schedules are good...we have fewer classes to worry about each semester. We have more time to focus on work and homework for just four classes. For 8 classes I think it would be more hard for 8 different classes of different work. With the block schedules, we work with different classes each semester and we have more time to finish work as needed."

A Senior: "Block scheduling has given me so much more time to understand what is going on in class. My grades have improved and my homework is, actually, getting done on time instead of a week or two later. It has seriously helped me to get myself together and get ready for college. It’s also given me more chances to be social. Last year I had like 3 friends and now I have over 10 of them. I 100% think that MCHS should keep block scheduling."

A Junior: "I think the 4 block schedule is better than the 7 block schedule because it gives us (the students) more time in classes, and the teachers don’t have to worry about shoving a ton of information into one class period. The 4 block schedule also lightens the workload for the students because instead of doing 7 classes worth of work, we’re only doing 3-4 classes worth of work, giving us more time for after-school programs."

A Sophomore: " I think block scheduling is much more beneficial to students than the 7 periods. Block scheduling is better for students' health, both mentally and emotionally. It doesn't overwhelm anyone, and if anything, benefits the teacher as well. Both the student and the teacher get more time to enjoy life, spend time with their families, and don't tie them down. For students, this is supposed to be the prime of their life. They're not a part of society yet and have time to enjoy their lives right now, but they can't do that with 7 teachers giving them the stuff to do at once. Plus, teachers have way less to grade, so it's easier on them too. It's very much more enjoyable."

Teacher: "I support block scheduling because it allows students to focus on four classes instead of seven at a time. Students complete more classes by the end of the year and have fewer books to carry around. With block scheduling, students have less homework; and extracurricular classes like band, choir, and art have more time with their students."

A Freshman: "So block schedule could be helpful for studying purposes. But block scheduling could be hard when it comes around to leap testing time because you might have forgotten material from last semester. Block scheduling has improved my grades extremely, it has made my English grade go from C’s to B’s. It could also be good because you don’t have the same classes all year around different settings for each semester. That’s what my thoughts on blocked scheduling."



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Signatures: 848Next Goal: 1,000
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