Make Cafe Prices AFFORDABLE Again

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The prices in the St Marcellinus lunch cafe are simply outrageous for students with little to no incomes. The cafe is the only decent food option for students because of the lack of food establishments within walking distance. 

A good lunch is essential to a student's success in the day. A hearty lunch promotes engagement and creative thought. It's hard to maintain these two things when we have to pay at least $7.50 (or more) a day for a small portioned lunch and a drink. $37.50 a week ($7.50 x 5) for an entire school year adds up to $1,350 ($37.50 x 36 weeks) a year over the course of a 36 week, 5-day week, school year. 

These steep prices put strains on guardians pockets when they have to be paying $2 for a small patty (used to be $1.25, nothing changed), or $3 for a slice of underwhelming, sometimes cold, pizza (up to $3 from $2.75 since January with no difference in serving size). Oh, and add $0.50 if you want a few veggies or bacon bits on it. The prices just simply aren't worth it when students are getting frozen then reheated pulled pork or a measly sized "shawarma wrap" for $4.

In closing, it ridiculous that students have to be shelling out $16.25 a week for a cookie ($1.25)  and patty (originally $1.50, now $2.) over the course of a 5 day week. Changes need to be made because there's nothing but complaints and hungry students who can't afford a good lunch. We just need some sort of fairness because we have no other choice. Thank you.