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Petitioning safety and Security Office Colonel Lisa Taylor and 5 others

St. Louis Public School Mason School of Academic and Cultural Literacy: STOP THE BULLYING OF CHILDREN

Children should feel safe and secure at school no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation or their living conditions. This school has been notified of many bullying incidents and refuses to correct the situation. Something needs to be done before a child takes their own life. Please see the following video from Jenelle and her mothers blog to get more info...

Letter to
safety and Security Office Colonel Lisa Taylor
Chief Academic Officer Dr. Nicole Williams
Mayor of St. Louis Francis Slay
and 3 others
Superintendent of STL Schools St. Louis Public School Mason School of Academic and Cultural Literacy
Missouri State Senate
Missouri Governor
Stop the bullying in our schools. There is a small child afraid to go to school because of the way she is treated. I know this is not the only child and there have been other students who have left this school for the same issue. The staff has been unresponsive and is now trying to blame the mother for the bullying because the mother is gay. No child should fear going to school, and no school should support other children being unkind and hateful to ANY student. Regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, where they live, or their ethnicity all children need to be protected. To not take action goes against everything we should be teaching our children. Zero tolerance policies need to be set up, the staff properly trained and staff reprimanded who have tolerated such horrible behavior.

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