The St. Louis Cardinals Should Sign Albert Pujols

The St. Louis Cardinals Should Sign Albert Pujols

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St. Louis Cardinals Front Office,

In the great and vast history of Major League Baseball, there are an endless amount of famous quotes. None may compare in both quality and quantity, though, than the time-tested adages commonly shared by New York Yankees Hall of Famer (and St. Louis native) Yogi Berra. Baseball fan or not, nearly every American has either heard or uttered phrases like “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over” or “It’s deja vu all over again” on a regular basis. 

And now in this rarest of rare circumstances, both of those “Yogi-isms” aptly apply to the opportunity at hand. 

One of the all-time best players in MLB history  is suddenly searching for employment in the sunset of his 21-year career. This isn’t how he wants - or deserves - for the story to end. It ain’t over. 

After watching the same player sorely separate from the franchise eight and a half years ago - leaving behind a legacy that was on track to build a statue right next to Stan “The Man” Musial’s - the organization has a chance to not let history repeat itself. The deja vu doesn’t have to happen again.

The team knows it, the fans know it… even all of Major League Baseball knows it. 

It’s time for St. Louis to bring Albert back home. 

No, this isn’t about resurrecting Pujols back to his glory days. It is no secret that injuries and age have caught up to him in recent years. No matter how well-constructed a machine is, even the very best of them have wear and tear after two decades of mileage. But giving Albert a chance to finish his career back where it all started, the chance to play again in Baseball Heaven, would undoubtedly provide some degree of resurgence. And, quite frankly, even a subpar Pujols would be a vast improvement over the team’s current bench players. 

No, this isn’t about money. Pujols already made more than enough when he left for California’s gold rush, and could obviously now be offered a prorated contract at the Major League minimum. After millions of dollars lost from the COVID-19 pandemic, Pujols’ presence would provide a revenue boost faster than his ball flew out of Minute Maid Park in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS. Every home game would be virtually sold out as the stadium continues to increase capacity, and TV ratings would skyrocket. The Cardinals love marketing their past with the present. Why not have both in the near future?

This is about something much more than even just a proverbial “second chance/prodigal son” story. This is about capturing the scarce harmonious moments when sports, society, and nostalgia all precisely and perfectly align to conjure the lump-in-your-throat emotions that keep us in love with the game - and keep us coming back. After all, at its essence, isn’t the romance of our National Pastime what this is all really supposed to be about? 

Yogi also once said “If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” 

Albert Pujols ending his career as a St. Louis Cardinal is something no one ever dreamed any more of happening. But if #5 finished wearing the Birds on the Bat, there’d be a part of the world that would be at least a little closer to perfect. 

After all, he's already reached home for the Cardinals 1,291 times. Let's give him the chance to do it again. 


Cardinals Nation

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