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Petitioning St. Louis Board of Public Service Richard T. Bradley, President

St. Louis Board of Public Service: Reject efforts to name New Life Evangelistic Center a nuisance property

There are hundreds more homeless men, women, and children than the current St. Louis shelter network is equipped to handle. This is the responsibility of us all. Making efforts to address the inadequate services for the homeless is a more effective and prudent use of resources and energy than closing New Life Evangelistic Center.

Letter to
St. Louis Board of Public Service Richard T. Bradley, President
We join with St. Louis Winter Outreach and call on you to reject efforts to name New Life Evangelistic Center a nuisance property. We agree that the issues cited in a recent petition filed by downtown residents and businesses reflect on the lack of needed services for the homeless, including the lack of shelter for hundreds of St. Louis men, women and children.
We therefore call on residents and businesses of downtown, the City’s Homeless Services, and the Continuum of Care service providers to join with St. Louis Winter Outreach and downtown homeless residents for a structured planning session to address the needs of the homeless including such things as more shelters, access to lockers, showers and comfort stations for the homeless, and the extension of the bus pass program to homeless persons beyond that which is already provided for those with disabilities. By doing this we will be addressing the true issue before us and looking for a way that everyone in our City can win.
We, the undersigned present this petition to the Board of Public Service at the Hearing on this issue on July 2, 2013 at City Hall.

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