St Leonard's Section 23 Program Shutting Down

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Due to St Leonard’s funding decision and their inability to continue funding the Section 23 school program the classrooms will be closing on January 31st, 2019.

We need the communities support, to help bring attention to how much this program can help troubled youths get their education. 

Personal story
My name is Cassandra Oddi, I am currently a student at the Section 23 program. My mental illnesses became a barrier at my old high school, causing my attendance and grades to drop. When I started attending this program I was shocked because I couldn't believe the support that I was receiving from the counselors and teachers that work there. The school felt like a family. The students all supported each other through everything. Now I have been able to experience the program to its fullest. My mental illnesses are no longer a barrier to getting my education. I attend everyday and have been getting the best marks I can receive. When my classmates and I heard the devastating news about the program shutting down we were all in shock. I had never believed that this program would get shut down. I've seen it help so many people and I can’t bare to see it end.