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Greeting's, my name is Darcy. On Tuesday, February 6th,  2018, my daughter,  ShaRae, took my almost two yr old grandbaby, MyRiah, to St. Joseph hospital in Denver CO for a severe diaper rash That led to a blister on her bottom. Soon after checking in at the hospital my daughter called me and said "Mom, they are saying it's a burn". I told her I was on my way down. She called right back saying they want to transport her to CHILDREN'S hospital. I grabbed my children from the Red Shield, where they were attending"Troops", and we all Headed down to CHILDREN'S hospital. Prior to getting to the hospital my daughter called me back telling me that CPS AND DPS were there waiting for her arrival. I arrived and had to wait in the waiting room with my children For About 15 minutes before I was allowed to go in the room with my daughter and granddaughter, who they had on the 6th floor as a burn patient. NOT thinking anything was going to go left, because we had done No wrong. AFTER a few hours of questions about what we experienced with her severe rash, the police were there escorting ME AND my daughter Out to a police car. CONFUSRD and NOT knowing what is a about to take place, I started asking the officer I was in the car with..... What is going on..... We bring my baby to the ER, and our escorted out like criminals. My daughter felt as if she was a target of racial profiling because of how she looked when she came into the hospital. Hair in braids, jammies and slippers on. Three doctors at St. Joseph Stepped to the side, whispered amongst themselves for a few, then turned to my daughter and said, " This baby has been burned. We are transporting her to Children's hospital" .... And it went downhill from there �
They searched my house, DPD held us downtown for questioning until 6am Wednesday morning, they removed ALL kids from the house and took AWAY mine and my daughter's RIGHTS. The hospital said my gbaby had 4th degree burns, then it was a 3rd degree burn with severe treatment, she would have to be hospitalized for five days. She was released in 2 days with an antibiotic cream, that later changed to a yeast cream. They sent my grandbaby to a foster home instead of allowing my daughter.... Who pleaded with the Case worker's to PLEASE allow us to find family or friend, they SAID YES and later changed it to a NO, saying they didn't have enough time for background. I EVEN ASKED the doctor who CLASSIFIED it as a "PARTIAL THICKNESS BURN", if he can PLEASE search for other possibilities because we KNOW she has not been burnt. He explained to me how he thought it happened by saying someone held her knees to her chest and dipped her in scolding hot water. He then said"Ma'am, I have CLASSIFIED it and that's what it is".
We have been HUMILIATED, VIOLATED, DISTURBED, and Left confused while doing our own research. AND in the meantime, my children our suffering the most, NOT fully understanding what is going on. All of the children have been placed in foster care �. We have no family out here. . Please someone help me and my family with this EMOTIONAL and tragic Situation. I have started a petition on change.org to put my story out there for another ear to listen. You never know what someone else has experienced or gone through relating to your story that may be able to help. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my story, Darcy