Rescheduling ESE April 2020

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We, the students of St. Joseph's College of Commerce would request the Management to kindly reschedule the End Semester Examinations for April, 2020, owing to the stress, fear and chaos among us due to the revised semester time table.

It has been extremely tedious these recent weeks due to the multiple assignments given to us which gives us little or no time to study or revise the portions for the End Semester. The course content is massive and complex and it is extremely tough to revise the same before the exam. This will only make the students anxious hence inhibiting us from performing to the best of our abilities.

We understand the dates are tentative as of now but we request you to postpone the exams so that we have enough time to prepare thoroughly for the same. We request that the new timetable may have dates in between the exams so that we can prepare properly. Other colleges have scheduled their exams from the second week of April on wards, along with study breaks. We understand that the college is undergoing the NAAC accreditation process and is under pressure but we hope that you will look into the matter from our perspective as well and kindly understand our situation.