Say NO to Buc-ee's

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Buc-ee’s (a Texas based company) is invading World Golf Village by proposing to build a 104 pump gas station with a 53,254 square foot convenience store (bigger than Publix) – or as Buc-ee’s calls it “a travel center.” 

The proposed site at the intersection of International Golf Parkway and I 95 is surrounded by residential communities of young families with children as well as retirees.  Such a facility is intended to serve those traveling on I 95 through sales of gas, beer, cigarettes, and trinkets – not to serve the needs of the community. 

The impact of thousands of additional cars, trucks, and RV’s per day would cause major traffic and safety problems on International Golf Parkway which is already at 97% capacity and at an intersection already recognized as one of the four most dangerous in the county. 

To date, our County Commissioners, County Attorney, and Zoning Board have refused to take any action to oppose Buc-ee’s.  This is why we need your support to convince our county officials that this is not the place to put such a facility and to take action now.  Say NO to Buc’ees by signing this petition.