Stop doing business in the name of Education

Stop doing business in the name of Education

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Pintu Tarafdar started this petition to St John's High School

We would like to draw your attention towards one of the grave issues that the Parents of St. John’s High school are facing. To let you know that due to lockdown the school has not been able to start the academic year and hence the admission process has not started and even the books has not been given.
Now we are receiving messages and text from school where they are forcing us to pay all fees from April to till date with admission fee, secession charge, development fees and all miscellaneous charges like electricity, Lab Change, Computer Charge etc. On top of these the school has also raised tuition Fees. They are saying that no books will be given until admission process is completed.
The two months of lockdown has made everybody financially impaired. It is not possible for us to pay all these charges and above all these are illegal charges as there were no school on those days. If we have not availed any facilities, why should we pay.
We want to have a discussion on below agenda with school authorities and it would be great if you facilitate this meeting.
Meeting Agenda:
Teaching method that will be followed during and after lockdown period.
How social distancing will be maintained once school reopens.
School’s academic year for this year.
Syllabus and content that will be covered in the remaining period.
Fee Structure (any increment in school fees)
Development fees and other charges.
The charges of different services which currently students are not availing, like Electric/AC charge, lab Charge, Computer charges etc.
Since we are in red zones and the financial condition of all group has largely impacted due to continuous lockdown. You might be aware that more than 80% student of this school belong to red or orange zone who has lost their income source. It has become very difficult for us to maintain daily livelihood, so we want your support and co-operation on below matters:
We are not in a state to pay any Development Fee for the current academic year 2020-2021.
Since normal classes are not being held, we want 50% reduction in school fees.
Charges like Electricity fees, Lab charges, Computer charges etc. need to be waved off.
Books distribution should continue, and books should be given without paying admission fees secession charge etc. So that the learning does not get hampered.
We would pay only 50% admission fee and secession charge only when the school reopens.
The classes that are held online should include all subjects and teacher should have proper facilities like white board, a camera stand, a speaker for clear voice, a good data connection for uninterrupted class, a legal App, a planned approach, a question answer secession etc.
Till school reopens we will only pay 50% tuition fee so that the staffs get a minimum payment.
We want a circular with answers to all the above points.

Since Chief Minister has already declared various measure for public and private school authorities, we appreciate your intervention into all the issues.
Looking forward for your support and co-operation, as always.

With Thanks and Best compliments
St. John’s High School’s Parents

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