Make St. John's Safe for Pedestrians Post-blizzard

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As the City gets back on its feet after the blizzard, please keep in mind that all citizens have constitutional rights to mobility, accessibility and equal treatment under the law. We are deeply concerned that once private vehicles are allowed back on the roads there will be many more pedestrian injuries and deaths since lanes are extremely narrow, roadways icy and there are no cleared routes for pedestrians. Please consider special measures to protect pedestrians, people with disabilities and other vulnerable members of our community, and users of public and active transit. While the state of emergency continues, consider specific periods for vehicle drivers to be out and others for pedestrians only. Please also restore paratransit buses and permit taxis to circulate immediately so people with disabilities can procure food and necessities at the same time as everyone else. Once the state of emergency is lifted, please consider drastically lowering speed limits and making some routes pedestrian only until pedestrian routes are restored. We recognize that this is a very difficult time for the City of St. John's. However, it is also an opportunity to be a community where justice and equity are the norm, a community to which all have access, and a community that cares for all its citizens.