Petition on Parking

Petition on Parking

5 December 2019
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St James Retail Park, Knaresborough
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Why this petition matters

Started by Luisa Wox

After a recent visit to St James Retail Park, Knaresborough with a friend that was visiting the area that has osteoporosis and restricted mobility I recieved a parking Charge notice for £100. This was apparently because we  out stayed the allocated 3 hour time slot.

Our visit consisted of visiting Matalan first which took some time due to the mobility issues of this lady. We then stopped at Macdonalds so that she could rest a little and get something to eat and also so I could feed my children who were getting hungry. We then went into TKmax before leaving the retail park.

We all spent a substantial amount of money and on arrival didnt see any obvious, clear parking signs but I did know from previously visiting the time limit was 4 hours (or so I was told).

Considering all of the above, I think it would be fair to say that when this Penalty arrived in the post I was extremely angry and upset to say the least.

Since receiving this Parking Charge notice it has come to my attention that many many people have been subjected to this unfair and unacceptable treatment. The elderly, ladys who have recently had a baby and c-sections, people with disabilities and in I'll health, parents with disabled children as well as able bodied people. All who just wanted a pleasant day out shopping.

There are many shops at the retail park and I believe 3 hours is not a fair amount of time for someone, let alone a person with physical restrictions. This also makes the equality of individuals questionable under the Equality Act 2010. Also, there is a no return within one hour which has also resulted in many many people also receiving a PCN.  It is absolutely ridiculous that people can not return within the hour without recieving a notice of £100 charge. Many people for example might want to drop their children off for a Mc Donald's and do a spot of shopping when they return to collect their children etc or simply arrive at the retail park and realise theyve forgotten their purse so pop home to collect it and go back. At the moment you can not do this unless you want to incure the charge that comes with that return. THIS MUST STOP!!

I, as I'm sure any reasonable person would agree, dont expect to park at St James retail Park and go elsewhere. I fully understand that a penalty issued to someone who is abusing the car park, that is intended for shoppers using the shops on site, should be penalised. However, I do not understand or accept that shoppers using the shops and macdonalds should too be penalised for shopping on the site. 

Take a look at trip advisor "St James Retail Park, Knaresborough" reviews or simply type it into facebook and see the disgusting injustice people are experiencing every day.

This needs to change and change only starts when people speak up.

So I'm asking people to sign this petition please, no matter where you are in the UK. If you've suffered at the hands of this corrupt system this is your chance to have your say and put a stop to these carpark cowboys!!


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Signatures: 1,549Next Goal: 2,500
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