To reinstate the lollipop people on Cross Lane and Victoria Road, Newton-le-Willows

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As you may or not be aware the lollipop lady for the crossing at Cross Lane between District School and St Mary's is sadly not being funded any more �

I have been in contact with St Helens council and Councillor Charlie Preston is looking into the situation and what if anything can be done to maintain our children's safety here

I've suggested if a lollipop person isn't doable (best option imho) maybe a pelican or zebra crossing or a small crossing island like on Victoria road so children only have to negotiate half way at a time as an alternative as it is bad enough there without school traffic and children everywhere

I'm also fully aware there are traffic lights at the bottom of Cross Lane however I know many children will try to cross here instead anyway and I want it to be safe for them to do so (There's been a lollipop person there for as long as I can remember so it's a shame it can't be continued)

Please sign to support me in making them aware how seriously we feel this issue will affect our community and the safety of pur children on their journeys to and from school

Thank you for your time