Tuesday the 12th, teachers feel the cold

Tuesday the 12th, teachers feel the cold

6 March 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by zoe lazenkas

have you ever worn your sport uniform in the desire to keep yourself warm on a cold day, just to be given a detention ?

i can confidently say that this is at least 90% of the students at st Helena secondary College. Its time we as students take a stand!!

for many years St Helena's students have suffered in extreme weather conditions, these include rainy days and freezing cold weather, this petition is not only a cry for help but a demand for change. this is for the students who get sick and ill due to St Helena's lack of warmth in their school uniform. 

i am writing this petition because I, and many others believe that st Helena students should be allowed to wear their sport uniform on days that are under 15 degrees. we are sick of getting in trouble, detentions and even exclusions for simply wanting not to freeze or get sick. Its appalling and ridiculous that the teachers are allowed to wear warm coats, jumpers, jeans and even blankets where as we as students can't even wear our sport uniform. 

this complaint was so called "fixed" when the school said that the base uniform is the winter uniform and that if students are cold they can wear that during summer, not only was that an excuse they tried to make, their are plenty reasons why this isn't logical, for one, the winter uniform is not much, if any at all, warmer than the summer uniform, a girls legs are still exposed to the harsh weather conditions, although the school has yet made another excuse that girls can wear the boys pants, not all girls feel comfortable wearing the winter pants, i mean come on seriously, not even majority of the boys feel comfortable wearing the winter pants and they want girls to wear them too? and lastly, during summer everyone would be wearing the summer uniform, yes, a student rocking up to school and potentially being the only one in winter uniform comes with many negatives, a student would simply feel like the odd one out, receive many looks from other peers and so many more complications. the fix is to let us students WEAR THE SPORT UNIFORM!!!!!

it has recently come to my attention that even at peer public co-ed school View Bank located in Heidelberg offers their female students an alternative to the boys winter pants, this alternative is a proper girls winter pant. easy fixes like this stop the complaints and everyone is happy, so why i ask, has it taken this long for someone to speak out, nothings been done and the students are suffering while the teachers are living in what we call luxury but simply a human right 

more fixes are simply to provide a warm indoor environment that the students can populate during recess and lunch times, the school has offered a small space they call the library, this simply cannot accompany over 1500 cold students, is this some kind of amusing joke to the teachers?

by signing this petition you are agreeing that all st Helena students should be given the highly demanded and needed opportunity to wear their sports uniform on days under 15 degrees, by signing this you are saying that if the teachers don't take this well needed action into account, on Tuesday the 12th of march they will wear either a dress, skirt or shorts so that they know how us students really feel for once.


"tights aren't going to protect us from the cold' - year 9 student 

"my legs are bare, its too cold for summer yet i'm forced to wear this" - year 10 student 

"i don't want another detention so i have to deal with it until i get home and can put some warm clothes on" - year 9 student  

"the schools response are not helping my warmth" - year 12 student 


make a difference, create a change

WARM regards, one of many suffering st Helena students.

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Signatures: 696Next goal: 1,000
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