St. George’s school to be closed or have a delayed start on Friday 2nd of March 2018

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Today (1st March) was a very snowy day. I as a student was quite appalled to our schools response to safety. St Georges school decided to stay open for the rest of the day unlike neighbouring schools, SJL and Roundwood. Walking round the school site was like a ice rink (you literally slide everywhere), even the addition of bringing your own footwear to school did not tackel this problem. Another problem was heating in some parts of the school but I feel that the main priority is clearing the school site. This is not directed in anyway to our amazing Headmistres who strives her best every day to keep everyone safe but I would like to raise awareness of an issue currently in our school and maybe in many others.

I am calling for the school to be closed until all paths are clear around school. We want to keep our schools safe and reduce risk of injury

Please sign for the safety for us, teachers, students and parents