Justice for St Elias Church

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For four and a half years, the St Elias Melkite, Catholic Church, Guildford has been a mere hole in the ground. The Eparchy, who has been trusted with the responsibility to deliver the church to the long suffering parishioners have lacked leadership, transparency and communication to a parish who have lost faith and trust in their leaders. And still, no sign of a church being built. Why?

. Parishioners of St Elias Melkite Catholic Church, Guildford , including the appointed Parish Council have no say in any of the decision making process;

. There is a lack of consultation and communication with members of our Parish and a lack of response to the Parish council. 

. Decisions have been made to the detriment of the Parish, including $1.7 million of losses of parishioners donations, due errors made. 

What we are asking for is transparency, fairness to the parishioners and justice in the glory of God. All we get is more delays, more issues and still - NO CHURCH.

Enough is enough!

If you sign this petition, you are supporting:

. The right of parishioners to ensure every dollar raised for St Elias remains with St Elias and used for the benefit of St Elias church.

. A proposal to establish a non-for-profit Entity in the name of St Elias.

. Immediate resumption of the building of our church, an indication of cost to completion and timeframe to completion.

. A building committee be established with representation from the St Elias Parish council.