Demand Transparency from SEU Admin on Title IX

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St. Edward's University Administration has failed to address the concerns of students on their campus. They continue to support and promote a student who has ample evidence against him: no-contact orders, Dean of Students cases, student reviews, and more. The amount of people who have been silenced, told they are being dramatic, left unsupported and isolated is unacceptable. The Administration has failed to uphold the Holy Cross values upon which the school was founded and it is egregious. As a school that promotes mental health, well being and talking about Title IX, their actions have supported predatory students and silenced those affected by these perpetrators. 

Our students are tired of feeling unsafe, repressed, and neglected because of the lack of action taken by SEU Administration. Stop filtering our comments and suggestions. Your students are fed up. We stand with the survivors and will support their needs. 

We will not be silenced. Not now, not ever. 

To those affected: we love you, we are with you, we are for your voices being heard. Thank you for your bravery.

Let's make this campus a better home for everyone.