Please stop iPad use in 5th grade before its too late

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We are in unprecedented times today as technology has unexpectedly gripped its tentacles on all we do - as adults, as families, as a society - and as a school.  

The decision to purchase a device is a personal one that should be taken seriously and individually as deemed appropriate for each individual child made by individual families.

While the "iPad initiative" five years ago was cutting edge, today, we see the troubling impact it has had on our families. 

We, the undersigned below, believe this technology has negatively impacted our children and our families, and we respectfully urge St. David's School to reconsider its iPad technology use for many of the reasons listed below:

  • Volumes of research cite the negative impact technology has on adolescent brain development, even Tim Cook and the late Steve Jobs did not allow devices for their children.
  • The use of the iPad as an 'educational' tool is minimal and can be reasonably amended for the 5th grade year.
  • Ten and eleven-year olds are far too young to be responsible for such a powerful device.
  • The school's mandate to purchase an iPad and hand over to our children goes against many family's personal technology use policies.
  • The school mandates parents purchase and own this device for school use, yet provide no tools, software or guidelines for managing this device at home.
  • Our children are far too easily addicted to this technology and they lack the maturity to practice responsible use.
  • Managing adult content is difficult, and too many young children are being exposed at young ages directly through this device.
  • Most parent-installed filtering systems fail to work properly within the confines of our school.
  • The iPad serves as a gateway to technology addition, gaming, and premature social media use that is often irreversible.
  • The educational benefit of iPad use is minimal and we could better teach our children how to be technology creators rather than consumers

The detrimental impacts of this technology are evident to so many, and we desperately urge St. David's School to recognize how serious we, the undersigned, take this technology intrusion into our homes.

The beginning of this iPad intrusion at St. David's School begins in 5th grade, and we presently have an opportunity to stop this bleed today with this current rising 5th grade class.  St. David's School has an opportunity to create a new path for these students and for every family impacted in the future.

We respectfully urge you to reconsider iPad use for the 2018-2019 school year.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

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