Dog Park Petition for Corunna, Ontario

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The purpose of this petition, is to join together as a community, to provide a safe space for dogs and their "Fur Parents" within the community of Corunna, Ontario.

Why do we want this?

  • The closest dog park is 14.6kms away according to google maps
  • It's a great way to meet your neighbours
  • Dogs are very social and not only enjoy, but need being together
  • It helps those who are "reluctant by-law violators", have a better option for off leash exercise with their dog(s)
  • It's a much safer avenue, thus decreasing the amount of open and off leash dogs in local parks.

It is important to be able to give your dog the exercise it needs, as this (along with proper training) helps in preventing destructive behavior, rough play, excessive barking and overall, unfriendly habits.

Your signature is just a small step, in helping us present this opportunity to St. Clair Township's council members and the Honourable Mayor Steve Arnold. To showcase, that there is not only the desire, but the need for a dog park in our town.

Thank you for your support and please know, that a few seconds of your time, makes all the difference in making this opportunity, become a reality.

"Like every child deserves a playground, every dog deserves a dog park" ~ John Thompson (sourced from the article written by Barbara Simpson of the Sarnia Observer, May 24th, 2017)