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Change policy on the way calls for animals are called. Get tranquilizer gun for every city (at least one). Or be trained in how to handle animals when getting a call.

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POLICE SHOT AND KILLED MY DOG - I’m a 19 year old woman who, after my grandmother’s death this past summer, moved in with my grandfather because he is in the early stages of dementia and is in poor health. I work midnights, 40 hours a week, and I go to college. My only comfort these days was to come home to my best friend, a four-legged, 2 year old, 45 pound, sweet girl who was always there for me when life seemed so bleak. But, last week, I came home from work and saw blood and excrement splattered on the porch and learned that my best friend had been murdered on her own property by those who are paid and sworn to protect and serve, the St. Clair Shores Police.
The police report is very different from the reports made by my grandfather and other nearby neighbors The police say 5 shots were fired; the autopsy reports 8 bullets entering the body of my 45 pound baby.
It was approximately 4:30 a.m. that early morning when my grandfather got up to use the restroom and let out my dog, Lexie, into the backyard to do her business. My grandfather’s dog stayed in. Unfortunately, my grandfather forgot that he had let out Lexie and went back to bed where he must use a C-Pap machine for sleep apnea. It was a freezing night and poor Lexie wanted to be let back in but my grandfather failed to hear her cries and barking. At 7:30 a.m. the police arrived at the house to investigate a barking dog complaint.
I can talk about the confusion that ensued because my poor confused grandfather had been harshly awakened from sound sleep to find 3 angry police officers knocking on his door but I think most people can imagine what the scene may have looked like. My Lexie was understandably terrified and cold and, yes, barking, but all she wanted was to get back into the warmth of her home. In Lexie’s attempt to get attention, she had actually got out of the backyard and went from the porch to the side door, barking, to be let in. The bottom line is this --- my best friend, who slept with me, played with my 2 year-old niece, and who loved to romp with his canine buddy, was shot at multiple times although she never left her property. 
Lexie’s autopsy report indicates 15 traumatic wounds were found on her body; seven wounds were identified as ‘pass through’ and only 1 appeared to be an entrance wound with no exit. Although the police reports states otherwise, Lexie had 8 bullets enter her body as she cowered in the bushes after the first few shots. Witnesses report seeing her dragged to the Animal Control truck (which later arrived) and being forced to walk into it. While Lexie was heard whimpering and crying, the officers stood around for a while talking about hunting. All of this time, my friend, Lexie was bleeding out and dying.
I could provide more details, there might even be a video which has been squashed from being presented, but what is important to me is to get justice for my Lexie. The police report kept referring to her as a ‘pit bull’. I don’t know why that was an important distinction in their report other than breed discrimination. The fact is that she was a Labrador/Mix breed rescue dog who may or may not have had some ‘pit bull’ genes. The experts will tell you that without DNA testing you cannot identify a ‘pit bull’ by looks alone. But, it appears this was the justification for Page 2 - Police Shot and Killed My Dog
3 male police officers to murder a 45 pound dog who was only doing was what a dog does instinctively, and this is to protect her property and show signs of aggression when in stress and when threatened. I must be my Lexie’s voice and speak out because tomorrow it could by someone else’s best friend.
Brittany Preston
St. Clair Shores

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