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Protect our children from sexual abuse by peers in the St. Clair County School system

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A female student was sexually assaulted at Odenville Middle School, while in a classroom, on multiple occasions by another student.  The student that sexually assaulted her admitted to the abuse in text messages to her and there are witnesses to the assaults.  This was brought this to the attention of Principal Cook at Odenville Middle School and the student responsible for the sexual assault was sent to alternative school for a few weeks.  

I was informed last week that this student will be returning to OMS soon.  Not only does this make the student that was victimized incredibly uncomfortable and afraid, but in the text messages that he sent to her, he referred to doing it to other students as well.  I am appalled at the hearing officer responsible for making the decision that this boy can come back to the school he repeatedly sexually assaulted another student in.

 I am creating this petition to ask that the St. Clair County Board of Education take this matter seriously and not subject this young lady or any other students to the same type of sexual abuse by allowing this student back into OMS. In addition to that, the victim(s) of this student are incredibly fearful and emotionally distraught over his impending return.  It is a parent's duty to protect their children, and it is also the duty of our local schools and Board of Education to do so as well. All of our children deserve to be able to learn in an environment free of sexual assault, and free of the emotional distress of having to see their abuser in school every day.

 I am asking that you join me by adding your name to this petition in the hopes that we can change how the St. Clair County school system addresses these issues and so that we can protect our children both physically and emotionally from having to be re-victimized.  Because the abuser in this situation is a minor and his victim(s) are minors, they will not be named in this petition, nor will I answer any messages requesting their names.  Thank you for your support and lets work together to see to it that our school system/Board of Education changes how they handle on-campus sexual assault of children. 

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