Protect Shorelines from Accelerated Erosion, Have Your Say and Protect Your Rights!

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The Great Lakes shorelines are currently in danger of major erosion. The shorelines are being lost at an accelerated pace due to the extremely high water levels. The high water levels mixed with high winds are causing severe wave action creating a destructive outcome. Vegetation on the bluffs and shorelines are plunging into the lake and/or having no where for their roots to be grounded which also diminishes the quality of our lake water, and is causing erosion to occur at an accelerated rate. This is the first problem, from here we deal with the loss of habitat for many species, including species at risk. Another great concern is without vegetation the bluffs and shorelines are failing and leaving properties and homes living on the edge. This is a literal statement as homes all over the great lakes have been threatened. Our provincial legislators are currently making revisions to the conservation authorities act. Are you facing roadblocks? prohibitive costs? loss of property rights, enjoyment, and quality of life, mental and physical stress and loss of property values due to an organization that has become overreaching and out of touch? Then now is the time to say enough! We need to have our property rights back without so many restrictions being forced upon us unnecessarily! As stewards of our environment we have the ability to restore balance.